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2 dicembre 2020


Sherpa, the sports mask designed in a very short time by the Politecnico, developed in collaboration with the MATto material library of the Politecnico, the companies UFI Filters and Panatex and packaged and distributed by Stamperia Alicese of Cavaglià (BI), has won the Sport Innovation Award in the category "Sport and industrial production", one of the seven categories for the prize set up by the Sport Innovation Hub.
The mask has already been officially adopted by Humana Reyer Venezia, which plays in the A series of basketball championships, and is receiving positive feedback, especially from young people and amateur sports enthusiasts. As explained by Professor Cristian Campagnaro and engineer Alice Ravizza, who were part of the Polytechnic team, the mask was designed specifically for grassroots sport, in fact it allows ample breathability and a fit that, thanks to numerous tests, guarantees maximum comfort.
The prestigious statuette was virtually handed over by former basketball player Christian Di Giuliomaria to Marco Barla, the Rector's contact person for Sport, on behalf of the team made up of Professors Ada Ferri (project coordinator), Claudia De Giorgi, Cristian Campagnaro, Paolo Tronville and Alice Ravizza.
Professor Barla said: "In recent years, the Politecnico has increased and diversified the range of sports on offer for students - including actions to support student athletes such as scholarships and dual career programmes - and for staff. This is also the background to the activities supporting Coni and sports clubs for the restart of safe sport and the development of the Sherpa mask".